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State Enterprise Instrument-Making Plant n.a. T.G.Shevchenko

Business type: Manufacturer
Business type: Importer, Exporter,
Number of employees: > 1000
Annual sales value: Euro 10.000.000 – 50.000.000
Established year: 1900

Electronics, electrical engineering


Firm Rank: 0

State enterprise «Kharkov instrument-making plant named after T.G.Shevchenko» is one of the leading (and the biggest) enterprises of Ukraine, which specializes in designing, manufacturing, complex delivery, final mounting, start up and adjusting works, warranty and afterwarranty servicing of electronic equipment, which is used practically in all basic science intensive and high-tech branches of national economy and department: fuel and energy complex (FEC); communication; transport; metallurgical, coal and chemical industry; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Defense; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Ministry of emergency situations and includes :

- automated control systems of technological processes (ACSTP) of nuclear, thermal, hydro and wind power stations, production and transportation of oil (gas);
- electronic digital automation telephone stations (DATS); channelizing devices; information transmission systems through fiber optic and copper communication lines; commutation systems (cross equipment); Remote diagnostic and control centers; radio access systems; equipment of combined broadband access for NGN networks; power supply systems;
- rolling-stock equipment and its infrastructure; traffic lights;
- consumer and industrial electronic equipment; energy saving luminaries (domestic, industrial, special-purposed);
- alternative sources of energy: solar and hybrid power supply systems;
- monitoring systems of distributive electric circuits;
- cathode protection stations of underground metal constructions;
- medical equipment and instrument;
- manufacturing of PCB, wire-wrap products, accessory, metal construction (at client's request);
- software;
- manufacturing of metal cabinets for energy and telecommunication facilities.

Address data

Street:Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii Str.99
Postal code:61004
Phone: +38 057 7338231


Contact person

Name and Surname: Alexandr Zribnyak
Phone: +38 057 7338231