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[Germany]PME3205/5.0 Power Converter

Input Voltage 64 VAC - 264 VAC output voltage 5 VDC up to 5 A high Quality start-up power limitation overload protection continuous short curcuit proof top hait rail installation chassisinstallation with clamp plastic frame 90 x 65 x 34[...]


[Germany]GPIB Serial DAQ and Control Boxes

Direct measurement and control with GPIB. These DAQ and control boxes deliver digital or analog inputs and outputs as well as thermocouple inputs, which all can be controlled directly via serial interface. Multi I/O and thermocouple DAQ box for serial: Model 23x7 * DAQ/control box with serial RS232/422/485 interface: Also as OEM board version. * 6 single-ended 12 bit analog inputs, ranges: ±10 V, ±5 V, 0...5 V, 0...10 VDC. Rate 50 Samples/s. * 4 inputs for thermocouples type[...]


[Germany]MEphisto Scope UM202, UM203 16 bit multifunctional instrument, scope

Robust, mobile 16 bit multifunctional instrument, scope and logger for USB 2.0 7 measurement instruments in one! This multifunctional instrument includes a 16 bit digital storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser with FFT, a volt meter, a logic analyser, a data logger and a digital switchbox with 24 I/O lines. The instrument has a very robust metal housing: It is a device you can rely on - even in rough, mobile applications as for example in maintenance, service and education. With its low[...]