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Category: Electronics, electrical engineering

Country: Poland

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[Poland]Notebook spare parts

We have in offer: notebook mainboards, graphic cards, harddrives, lcd panels and many other parts.Our main brand is ACER. Stock comes from surplus/overstock so our prices are very competetive. Ask for more details. Every week we have new delivery.[...]


[Poland]OCHI LED module

OCHI is a LED module with square construction which allow to arrange in matrix combinations. Thanks to ability to easy create almost any lighting form this module has wide range of applications. dedicated high reliability applications. OCHI module is provide with LED shunt protection, gold plated contacts and heat transfer surface. To successive connect LED modules with power supplies you only have to use thin and elastic wire. Thanks to thermal conductive tape it is possible to paste OCHI module[...]


[Poland]Pin and Brad Nailers

Pins and brads are used mainly in building and furniture industries, also by coffin makers and for interior works - anywhere aesthetic and distinctive fixing is required. The smallest pins type S700 are commonly used for fixing decorative slats. For stronger fixing we recommend brads (on request available with painted head).[...]


[Poland]Coil nailers

Reliable pneumatic nailers from BeA are used in the field of building industry (construction and roofing), garden architecture, pallet production and repair as well as packaging (crates). Compact, modern design and magazine containing up to 350 nails make these tools more and more popular in the field applications and on assembly lines. Coil nails “made in Poland” are manufactured in lengths 25-100 mm - from 200 to 350 nails per coil. For pallet manufacturers we recommend our UIC-PKP and[...]



P series of RTV outlets is characterized by new patent pending way of coaxial cable connection; in this unique way outlets offers easy and long-lasting connection, very high screening efficiency and great electrical parameters. This outlets family is best choice to use in one frame with power, phone and Internet sockets as one installation series. Main advantage of P series outlets is ability to use in cable ducts systems, specially convenient to use in offices and hotels. 45 x 45mm module enables[...]


[Poland]Antenna netting

Realization: zinc and chrome or varnish on black[...]


[Poland]Control push buttons NEF22

Control drives of the NEK22M series with black plastic bodies are intended for installation in standardised Ø22.5mm holes, in numerous types of control and signal equipment, or directly into bodies of machines and equipment. They are intended to work with the EF22X and EF22Y switching elements manufactured by SN Promet. NEF22 drives are comprised of the following elements: - A driver, also referred to as the button drive; - An intermediate element, also referred to as the intermediate body. Backlit[...]



[Poland]Cam switches TS series

The TS series cam switches is a brand new family of cam switches that operate under the maximum switching current of 10A. The switches feature a compact size, state-of-the-art look (in the form of a circular disc), and an ergonomic knob. Considering the method of assembly, these switches have been designed for installation on a control panel. The use of a modular structure and a single cam installed in the chamber designed for two pairs of contacts made it possible to develop a switch that controls[...]



[Poland]Interconnect Velum NF-S BlueS

Available lengths: 1,0 m, 1,5 m, 2,0 m Termination: RCA-RCA, XLR - XLR Actually the high-class interconnect with high clarity. It provides full neutrality of sounds. High level of elimination of phase shifts. It creates very spaceful and clear sound. 5 years guarantee.[...]


[Poland]Speaker Cables Velum LS-G BlueS

Available lengths: 1,8 m, 2,4 m, 3,0 m Uncompromising speaker cable of very advanced technology and construction. High definition in the whole range. Exceptionally precise in the bass range among the cables available in the market. Regarded as the reference cable by the reviewers because of its neutrality. 5 years guarantee.[...]