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Category: Electronics, electrical engineering

Country: Russian Federation

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[Russian Federation]Universal radio test set RST-430

A universal radio test set for complete maintenance and repair of FM and AM radio stations of the VHF band RST-430 is a multipurpose radio measuring device for maintenance of communication equipment in indoor and field conditions. Functions HF generator LF generator Frequency meter Power meter Transmitter test load meter Modulation meter Distortion factor meter AC voltmeter Measured parameters Carrier-to-noise ratio Transmitter[...]


[Russian Federation]Digital combo set SVG-5

A digital combo set. Available in four modifications. A digital combo set for maintenance and repair of carrier channels and data transmission equipment of information structures. Functions Sine-wave generator Broadband rms voltmeter Narrowband (selective) rms voltmeter Frequency meter Waveform monitor Spectrum analyzer Measured parameters measurement of root-mean-square AC voltage and frequency of single-ended or differential signals [...]