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Category: Electronics, electrical engineering

Country: Taiwan

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[Taiwan]IR Extender (433MHz Wireless)(YF-IRE02)

The IR Remote Control Extender system uses the latest wireless technology to send Infrared Signal from one room to another room. With the Infrared Receiver and Infrared Transmitter, you can control your A/V appliances or any other equipments, that has IR Remote control, around your home.[...]


[Taiwan]World largest UL cable & wire manufacture

We produce and design a variety of special cables, including welding cable, instrument cable, control cable, shield cable, elevator cable, crane cable, compound cable and any kinds of special wires, both OEM and ODM are welcome.[...]


[Taiwan]HDMI matrix switch+Cascade Extender

HDM4400 HDMI matrix switch+Cascade Extender+Mixing multiple signals Transmission solution 1.4 HDMI signal input & Multi signal output Matrix Switch. 2.HDMI/RS-232/IR Cascade Extender Over Cat5/6 cable up to 100m. 3.HDMI input & Mixed signal output(HDMI+VGA+Display port output) 4. Cascaded-chainable receiver up to 10 layers(1000M 1080P) 5.Support video high resolution up to 1920x1080, 1080p 6.Support Local HDMI monitoring port 7. Each receiver (HD1002) links cascade-chainable 2[...]


[Taiwan]We supply High Power Semiconductors like Diodes,Thyristors,Bridge rectifers,Power module

Our company was established in Taiwan in 1989 and our factory specializes in producing various High Power Semiconductors covering Diodes,Thyristors,Bridge rectifiers, and Power modules etc. These products can be put into use for UPS,Welding machines, Generators,Inverters, Solid state relays etc. If you are interested, please advise us your e-mail address, then we will send you more details. Truly yours Alex Shyu Wain Lin Corp (Taiwan)[...]


[Taiwan]Plastic fan blades for cooling the heat of eletric motors

Our factory in Taiwan specializes in producing various plastic fan blades for cooling the heat of electric motor. The material of plastic fan blades is PP material mixed with fiber glass, so the quality of our plastic fan blade is reliable & durable. The outer diameters of plastic fan blades are from 105mm to 335mm, and interior diameters are from 9mm to 50mm for customers' choice. Meanwhile, we also produce Full hermetic fan guards ( Horizontal & Vertical types ), Cable terminal[...]


[Taiwan]We produce high voltage 15000V 30mA Neon Transformer

Our company was established in 1989 in Taiwan and we specialize in producing various electric transformers according to customers' designs or drawings. Our mainly produce electric transformers including Dry transformers, Oil immersed transformers, Bakelite terminal transformers, Portable transformers etc. Meanwhile,we also have produced newly designed Outdoor High Voltage Neon Transformer and Indoor High voltage Neon Transformer which specifications as under Outdoor electrical high voltage[...]


[Taiwan]Double lead worm gear reducer - ASFE series

1).The worm shaft and output shaft for this series are manufactured from SNCM21 material and carburization heat treated. The worm gear is manufactured from Japanese material AIBC2.     2).The double lead worm shaft features high torque output, rigidity, low noise, low vibration and low backlash(0~0.02°). Easy to adjust backlash and extra long service life. Ideal for high precision transmission and indexing, positioning and sizing applications such as: the fourth axis on machine tools, rotary[...]


[Taiwan]Car's Ozone Ionic Air Purifier

Features: - Applicable to Car’s Cabin only - Effective restrain germ and dust which has some disinfectant function. - Stench will be cleared at brief moment. No matter what is fungi, smoking odor etc... - Use convenient car's power supply which is only connected to cigar- lighter. - No occupied space which can be fixed on exit gate of air condition. - With Auto power off function when pollutant is full. Specification: - Measurement:89mm(L)*35mm(W)*23mm(H) - Weight( w/o accessories):[...]


[Taiwan]LED components

High brightness LED for message display board, traffic light, traffic sign, and automotive lightings.[...]


[Taiwan]dc motor driver

motor driver,temperature controller,RPM digital tachmeter Sauna equipments(facility),steamer generater,vehicle parts,PID controller,recycle controller[...]