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[China]ZX-C1 bga reowrk station

BGA rework stationZX-C1 chipset remove&replace job for mobiles,laptop,xbox360,ps2/3,printers welding machine Features: 1. With three independent temperature zone control, upper and bottom main heater with hot air to heat, third zone with infrared to preheat; 2. Upper heater with 8 segment temperature up (down)+8 segment constant temperature control, can store 10 groups temperature curve; Upper, bottom heater and infrared start heating at the same time; 3. Three temperature zone with[...]


[China]Ball valve

Description Size: DN6 ~ DN94 (1/4” – 4”) Connection: BSP, NPT screwed, DIN2999 Body Material: CF8M (AISI316) / CF8 (AISI304) Seal: PTFE Applicable Fluid: water, alcohol, oil, fuel, steam, neutral gas or liquid, organic solvent, acid and lye Fluid Pressure: 0-1000Psi (6.9MPa) Fluid Temperature: -10 - +180℃[...]


[China]earth tester

SAT-10C Earth Tester is latest digital precision earth resistance tester of our company, it is with these functions below: Features: 1. When measuring by 2-pole, there is no need digging the auxiliary rod, the test is simple and fast. 2. It could measure earth resistance and soil resistivity by 3-pole and 4-pole; also it could measure AC voltage. 3. It should display noise during test and signal when a battery is replaced 4. It should display signal when it exceeds test range. 5. The[...]


[China]Single Clamp Earth Tester

SAT-11A/B Single Clamp Earth Tester is widely used in the operation of earth resistance testing for the equipments of the fields of power, telecommunication, weather, as well as the other electrical equipments with the function of easy operation, high-accuracy and good adaptation of testing environment. Functions: 1. Beyond the limitation of traditional method of earth resistance testing, no assistance poles, with easy and convenient operation. 2. No error of electrodes arranging, which can[...]


[China]Double Clamps Earth Tester

SAT-12B Double Clamps Earth Tester is widely used in the fields of resistance testing for earth resistance of various equipments and buildings. It also can test the soil resistively and leakage current of earth systems under different conditions. It not only possesses the function of the traditional method but the features of earth resistance testing without assistant poles, It realizes the on-line measurement of earth resistance without assistance poles and isolation of earth devices[...]