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[Czech Republic]Luminaires

Electrical safety testing according to the EN 60598-1 standard[...]


[China]electronic toy

electronic toy,Intelligent toy,intelligent home ,concept development,product development, electronic solution , MCU development, automatic control,industrial control, wireless control We specialize in concept development and electronic solution. If you have a project or concept that needs to become a reality, we Allzool can help. With mutual respect and honesty, we provide our customers with personalized service and electronic products . As a famous supplier in the field of electronic product[...]


[China]electrical grade/high purity kind of barium salts(electronic industry)

Product Name: HIGH PURITY OF BARIUM CHLORIDE CAS No.: 10326-27-9 Properties: Barium Chloride is an excellent water soluble crystalline. Spec: ITEM EXPORTING GRADE EXCELLENT GRAFE CONTENT 99.9% min 99.99% min N 20PPM max 0.001% max NaCl 10PPM max 0.0005% max Fe 5PPM max 0.0005% max S 50ppm max Mg 10ppm max 0.0005% max Pb 5ppm max 0.0002% max Ca 50ppm max 0.001% max Sr 40PPM max 0.001% max Zn 10ppm max Al 2PPM max 0.0002% max Si 2PPM max 0.0002% max K 10PPM max 0.0005% max WATER[...]


[China]Sell Wall Switch

We are manufacturers of Wall switches. Welcome to make small or big orders. We also can develop new products jointly with old and new customers. Wenzhou Yili Electric will maintain always the door opened for everybody.[...]


[China]Sell polyimide tape

Polyimide Adhesive Tape is made of polyimide film as its base material, which is coated on single side with the pressure-sensitive organosilicon adhesive . The Adhesive Tape shows excellent electrical properties and outstanding resistance to high temperature as well as cold endurance.[...]


[China]wolfram wire/tungsten wire

Description: 1.Tungsten wire, also known as wolfram wire. 2.It normally has two different surfaces as black surface and cleaned surface. 3.Covered with graphite, tungsten wire are regularly black.(black surface) 4. If graphite being removed, they appear with metallic luster.(cleaned surface) 5.We can offer spool and straight type, whose diameters are all above 0.01 mm. 6.According to various impurity contents, tungsten wires can be subdivided into W1, W2, WAL1 and WAL2 grades. Application: [...]


[China]molybdenum wire

Description: 1.Name:molybdenum wire 2.Appearance:black or polished 3.Purity :Mo > =99.95% 4.Density: 10.2g/cm3 5.Grade:Mo1 Mo2 6.Certificate: ISO9001:2008 Application: 1.Parts of electric vacuum and electric light source. Such as mandrel, support, leader and grid, etc. 2.Exact tolerance ,high tensile strength, well hard wearing performance, especially apply to high precision EDM. 3.Magnefron cathode archor of microwave oven. 4.Spraying parts of the motor, piston ring, turbine, gear,[...]


[China]Output Mirror,Optical window

5. Output Mirror Dimension: 4mm-- 100mm Angle tolerance: 30" --3' Surface accuracy: λ/10--1λ Surface quality: 60/40 Clear Aperture: 90% Coating: custom design 6. Optical window According to custom design to manufacture infrared windows, UV fused silica windows, CaF2 windows, ZnSe windows, Si windows, etc. Material: flint glass, UV fused silica, infrared fuses silica, CaF2, Ge, ZnSe, Si, etc. Diameter: 4mm-- 100mm Parallelism: <30" Surface accuracy: > λ/10 Surface[...]


[China]Spherical mirror,mirror

7. Mirror According to custom design to manufacture spherical mirrors, cylindrical mirrors, mirrors, Co2 laser mirrors, etc. Material: flint glass, UV fused silica, infrared fuses silica, CaF2, Ge, ZnSe, Si, etc. Diameter: 4mm-- 200mm Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm Surface accuracy: > λ/4 Surface quality: 40/20 Clear Aperture: 90% Reflecting Coating: Au film, Ag film, Al film, dielectric film, metal film, Co2 laser reflecting film, etc. 8. Spherical mirror According to custom design[...]


[China]Ge lens,Ge widows,Si lens,Si windows,ZnSe lens,ZnSe windows

9. Ge Lenses Supply kinds of Plano convex Ge-lens, Bi-convex Ge-lens, Plano concave Ge-lens, Bi-concave Ge-lens according to custom design. Material: Ge(Germanium) Radius: ±10mm --- ±1000mm Diameter: 10mm --- 50mm Surface accuracy: λ/2-- 2λ Surface quality: 60-40 Centration: <3' Clear Aperture: >90% Chamfer: 0.2×45° Coating: custom design 10. Si Lenses Supply kinds of Plano convex Si-lens, Bi-convex Si-lens, Plano concave Si-lens, Bi-concave Si-lens according to custom[...]