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Category: Jewellery, Gifts & Crafts

Country: Pakistan

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[Pakistan]Natural Salt Lamp

Anaya salt lamp emits number of negative ions into surrounding atmosphere when it is heated by an external source of electric or candles. The heat produced from the lamp breaks down Na CL Sodium Chloride in a process called ionization. This process is enhanced by natural process of NACL and resulting in producing of negative ions which eliminate the positive ions which are present in our surroundings produced from Computers, refrigerators, T.V sets and etc. Thus these lamps make the air clean, fresh[...]



We are large manufacturers and exporters in Wazirabad-Pakistan, producing all kinds of Knives products including Cutlery using latest Machine work manufacturing facilities. Our Products :- 1. Pocket, Sporting, Fishing, Skinner, Bayonet Knives, Sea Men Knives , Army Knives, and Key Chain Knives. 2. Kitchen Knives Set, Tableware Set, Spoons, Forks and Knives and Bottle Opener. 3. Hunting Stars, Hunting Knives and Daggers with Antique Design. 4. Ceremony Swords, Samurai Swords, Movie Swords with[...]



We are manufacturer and exporter of Stainless Steel Swords with quality products on best prices. We can off we have reputation for quality and prompt delivered all our products which are manufacturer here in Wazirabad, Mabson industry is not compromising on quality.[...]


[Pakistan]Damascus knvies

Respected Sir/Madam, We are feeling pleasure to introduce our renowned industry as the commercial manufacturer of high quality Damascus Steel. We are in the practices of this special type of steel alloy sine 18th century. We are inherited the manufacturing skill from our forefathers and we are recognized in our area as the best quality producer of Damascus which is due to intensive experience of manufacturing. In the past we are the suppliers of Damascus knives and bars to the commercial[...]


[Pakistan]Rock Salt Lamps

We are grateful to introduce our firm M/s. Orient Corporation, which was established in 1997 and has many years experience in Manufacturing and Exporting of Rock Crystal Salt Products from Pakistan to Europe, USA, Fareast and most of the world. We are involved in the manufacturing of Rock Crystal Salt Lamps (from 2.5 Kg to 75 Kg) and Candle Holders in Natural Rock Shape and Geometrical Shapes as well. We also are producing Salt Tiles/Bricks, Bath Salt, Massage Stones, De- icing salt, Table Salt,[...]