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[China]Plastic pallet

Made in HDPE, dynamic: 1000kg, static: 4000kg, Rack: 800kg. we have more than 100 models, and we are the biggest company produce plastic pallet in china. we supply to Cocacola, P&G, Ford car etc famous company.[...]


[China]Semi-Electric Stacker

Semi-electric stacker: Loading:1000/1500kg Lift:1600/2000/2500/3000/3500mm Battery:12V/120AH,12V/150AH Lifting Motor Power:1.5-1.6kw or 1.8-2.2kw[...]


[Bangladesh]Sell Jute yarn

SELL JUTE YARN FROM READY STOCK All types of Jute Yarn available for urgent shipment. single / 2 Ply, 100% Tossa CB / Hessian quality. 4.8 lbs / 6 lbs / 8 lbs / 9 lbs / 10 lbs / 12 lbs / 13 lbs / 14 lbs / 16 lbs / 18 lbs / 24 lbs / 36 lbs etc. Please feel free to contact us for your requirement with detail specification, quantity, packing information and destination. Apart from Jute Yarn also we can supply Jute Bags, Hessian Cloth, Jute Felt, Jute Sliver, Soil Saver (Geo Jute), Raw Jute[...]


[China]hinges for pallet

the materilas is steel.the size is 220x87 and 218x85.[...]


[Belgium]Heavy-duty plastic pallet

RYNOPAL PLASTIC PALLET 1000*1200 mm, 28 kgs, monoblock, made from recycled PE, available in 3 versions. Admitted static load : 10000 kgs Maximum dynamic load : 2500 kgs Maximum racking load : 1200 kgs (depending on the type) Ideal for pallet pools. 100 rotations per pallet is no problem. Available colours : black (standard), blue, brown, green. Qty per Megatrailer : 480 pallets. Many top companies use this product successfully.[...]


[China]Sell metal pallet

A kind of steel parts used in transportation fiels loading th goods.We can make the gooda according to your type and request.[...]


[Poland]Sell big wooden crates

Big wooden crates in the Dutch type, measurements 1200x1600x1230. Boards have high grade quality of the surface - planed. Boards additionally glued to enlarge the stiffness, and the endurance. All metal-elements (links, screws, nails) are galvanized. On our products we possess the certificate allowing to the contact with the food given by the National Institution of the Hygiene.[...]


[Poland]Wooden packages - pallets

We offer pallets, boxes and other wooden packages - according to the designs of our customers.[...]


[Turkey]slip sheet

Slip sheets being made of solidboards and by having high breaking strength, can be used instead of pallets. There’s no need for wooden pallets while slip sheets are in use. 100% recyclable It has very low cost (10%) compared to wooden pallets that has the same function. Used together with special forklift attachment Light, practical and easy to use Hygenic. In its production there is no use of materials such as nail, stapler etc that cause rust. Slip sheets do not own any[...]


[China]steel pallet

It is one of the most convenient tools to moving the goods by piler. There are advanced automatic producing line in our factory, we can support all kinds of pallets to customers[...]