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[China]Ultrviolet Corona Imager UVI-1

Brief Introduction UVI-1 UV imager is a novel corona discharge instrument based on photomultiplier tube (PMT) and ultraviolet technology, which has excellent functions of distance detection for corona discharge in determined region from surface of high voltage equipments and corona characteristics data analysis. It is mainly applied to detect the incipient fault and performance decreasing of high voltage polymer insulators, high voltage cable and other high voltage equipments for saving the great[...]


[Indonesia]Automatic kWh Meter Reading

Just connect the kWh Meter to Computer through RS485 than you could read the display of kWh Meter in your Computer ( No any different ! ). No need any set-up, just connected then read it ! The system is using data communication. The kWh Meter is available in Single Phase or Threee Phase Meter. Single Tariff, Double Tariff or even Tripple Tariff !.[...]


[Indonesia]kWh Meter Three Phase

kWh Meter 3 phase 4 wire, LCD Display, 3x230/400 Volt, 50 Hz, Class 1, Single, Double or Triple-rate, Internal Time Switch, RS485 Comm, Direct Connection 5(100) Ampere or CT Connection 5 Ampere.[...]


[China]Johnson Standard Low Voltage DC Motor

Johnson Standard Low Voltage DC Motor Models of Johnson Standard Low Voltage DC Motor we can supply as follows: NFC03LG-011 HC875SG-012 NFC03MG-012 HC875SG-013 NFC03MG-021 HC875SG-014 NFC03SG-011 HC875SG-020 NFC03SG-012 HC877G-022 NFD03LG-011 HC877G-023 NFD03MG-011 HC877P-011 NFD03MG-012 HC877P-022 NFD03MG-020 QC875SG-011 NFD03SG-021 QC877P-020 NFE03LG-011 QC877P-021 NFE03LG-012 TC785LG-020 NF003SG-011 HCB71-020 NFA03LG-011 C9A1(2)LG-011 NFN03LG-011 HC9A1(2)LG-023 HC213LG-011[...]


[China]Johnson Standard High Voltage DC Motor

Johnson Standard High Voltage DC Motor Models of Johnson Standard High Voltage DC Motor we can supply as follows: HC385XLG-011 DC781(2)XLLG-021 HC385XLG-013 DC781(2)XLLG-022 HC385XLG-020 DC971(2)LG-011 HC485G-011 DC971(2)LG-014 HC485G-020 DF651(2)LG-021 QC381(0)XLG-001 DF651(2)LG-022 HC610G-011 DF651(2)LG-023 HC613G-011 DF651(2)LG-024 HC615SG-011 DF651(2)LG-025 HC683LG-011 DC971-P-001 HC683LG-020 DC1561(2)LLG-001 HC683LG-021 NS146G-001 HC683LG-022 NS246G-001 HC683LP-022 HC6A6LG-120 HC683LP-023 HC7A5SG-020 HC683XLLG-020 HC8A5G-020 HC685G-020 P-E700 HC685G-021 P-H500 HC685LG-020 QC7A1(0)SG-020 HC685LG-021 QC7A1(0)SG-021 HC685LG-022 QC8A1(0)SG-020 HC685LG-023 QC8A1(0)SG-021 HC685LG-024 MO28MM-102 HC685LG-025 MO28MM-103 HC685XLLG-020 E4EHS-12 HC785LG-020 E5EHS-12 HC785LG-021 E5EHS-12-H HC785LP-012 E6EHS-12 HC785LP-024 E6EHS-12-H "HC785LP-025 E7IHM-24 HC785LP-026 E8IHM-14 HC785LP-027 E8IHM-18 HC785P-022 E8IHM-22 HC785P-023 E9IWS-28 HC875SG-011 Other[...]


[China]ABB Motors

ABB Motors AMA 450L10L 1059 HXR 355LD2 97 AMA 450L10L 1060 HXR 355LC4 208AMA 500L10L 1061 HXR 355LE6 323AMA 500L10L 1062 HXR 400LH8 429AMA 500L10L 1063 HXR 400LK10 516AMA 500L10L 1161 HXR 450LK12 603AMA 400L12L 1064 HXR 400LD2 98 AMA 400L12L 1065 HXR 355LD4 209AMA 400L12L 1066 HXR 400LD6 324AMA 400L12L 1067 HXR 400LH8 430AMA 400L12L 1068 HXR 450LF10 517AMA 400L12L 1069 HXR 450LN12 604AMA 400L12L 1070 HXR 400LE2 99 AMA 450L12L 1071 HXR 400LC4 210AMA 450L12L 1072 HXR 400LE6 325AMA 450L12L 1073[...]


[China]WEG Close-Coupled Pump Motor

WEG Close-Coupled Pump Motor Models of WEG Close-Coupled Pump Motor 00536OP3E182JM 00736OT3E184JM 00536ET3E184JM-W22 00318ET3E182JM-W22 00736OP3E184JM 00336OT3E145JM 01536EP3E215JM-W22 00736EP3E184JM-W22 00236OT3E145JM 00218EP3E145JM-W22 00336EP3E145JM-W22 00218ET3E145JM-W22 00218OT3E145JM 00158ET3E145JP-W22 00118OT3E143JM 00536EP3E184JM-W22 Example: WEG Motor 00736OT3E184JM Brand Name: WEG Place of Origin: Brazil Model Number:00736OT3E184JM Close-Coupled[...]


[China]Kawasaki Hydraulic Motors

Kawasaki Hydraulic Motors Serises of Kawasaki Hydraulic Motors HMB Series HMC Series HPC Series K3X Series M3X Series M3B Series M3X/M3B-RG Series M2X/M5X Series M2X/M5X-RG Series Other brand of Motor we can supply as follows: Mabuchi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Siemens, Maxon, GE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, WEG, Bodine, Emerson, FASCO, A.O.Simith, Badolor, Dayton, ABB , Brook Corporation, Tech-westinghouse, Kawasaki, Pittman, etc. Other type of Motor we can supply as follows: DC[...]