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[China]AC Contactor (LC1-D New Type)

LC1-D New series A.C contactors are suitable for frequency 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 1000V, rated operation current 9~330A under AC-3 duty. It is mainly used for making/breaking electric circuits at a long distance & for frequent starting/stopping & controlling AC Motor It is used in combination with thermal relay to compose a magnetic motor starter, The product conforms to GB14048.4, IEC60947-4 & VDE0660 standards.[...]


[China]Ozone free quartz tube

Ozone-free quartz tubing.clear,cut surface slig-ht purple.The product blocks wavelength<220nm,while transmit over 70% in 253.7nm.Good for all kinds of germcidal lamps.[...]


[China]LED Cherry Light

LCH-3.6 LED CHERRY LIGHT LED Cherry Light with Height of 3.6 and 5cm, Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Uses Key Specifications/Special Features: Height/diameter: 3.6/4.3 or 5/4.3m Branch: 32 LED: 6,912 pieces Color and power: white 416W, blue 416W, green 416W, pink 416W, purple 416W, red 277W, yellow 277W and organge 277W Packing size: 250 x 60 x 50/250 x 60 x 50 and 300 x 35 x 35cm Net weight: 114/90 + 40kg Voltage: 220/110V Bulb life: 100,000 hours Payment Details: Payment[...]


[China]LED Camellia Light

LED Camellia Light LCH-TABLE LED CAMELLIA LIGHT LED Camellia Light, Ideal Decorative Light, Can Be Placed on Tables Key Specifications/Special Features: Item number: LCH-Table Height/diameter (m): 0.8/0.8 Branch: 1 LED number (pcs): 224 Color and power (w): White: 12 Watts Blue: 12 Watts Green: 12 Watts Pink: 12 Watts Purple: 12 Watts Red: 12 Watts Yellow: 12 Watts Orange: 12 Watts Packing size: 80 x 30 x 30cm N.W.(kgs): 5 Volt (V): 24 Bulb life (hrs): 100,000 Payment[...]


[China]Metal film fixed resistors

Metal film fixed resistors 1,High quality 2,Low noise and T.C.R 3,Standard tolerance: ±1 %,( ±0.5%, ±0.25%, ±0.1%). 4,High resistance range(0.1Ω-10MΩ) more models: 1/4W,1/4WS,1/2W,1/2WS,1W,1WS,2W,2WS,3WS[...]


[China]Metal oxide film resistors

Metal oxide film resistors 1,Complete flameproof construction 2,Good resistively to heat humidity & overload 3,Strong & Durable film 4,Standard tolerance:±5%,(±2%). 5,Excellent long-term stability more models: 1/2W,1/2WS,1W,1WS,2W,2WS,3W,3WS,5WS[...]


[China]5mm led all color

5mm led all color color:red,yellow,blue,green,white (pure white ,warm white) angle:30degree superbright lighting such as white color:10000mcd ...0.05USD/pcs[...]


[China]Carbon film fixed resistors

Carbon film fixed resistors 1,High quality 2,Standard tolerance: ±5 %,( ±2%). 3,Variety of packaging-bulk 26mm and 52mm tape cut and formed. 4,High resistance range(0.1Ω-10MΩ) more models: 1/4W,1/4WS,1/2W,1/2WS,1W,1WS,2W,2WS,3WS[...]


[China]Fusing metal film resistors

Fusing metal film resistors FEATURES: 1.the accurate fusibility is applicable to safety circuits in the wide range of electronic sets. 2. Small in size, light in weight. 3. Low temperature coefficient. (under±200ppm/℃) 4. Noncombustible insulating coat. CONSTRUCTION: 1.ceramic core(high conductivity) 2.high stability film 3.end cap(high reliability fitting by original cap-pressing method) 4.epoxy resin(instructive lacquer, solvent-proof) 5.color core(per mil&eia standards) 6.lead[...]