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[India]Tube - Tubeless Tyre Valve Accessories

Accessories for Tyre - Tube Valves. 1. Valve Core Housing TR CH -3 for TR -218 / TR - 618. Valve Core Housing for Large Bore Core Chamber. 2. Hexagonal Nuts of Various types such as BN-I / BN-II / BN-III, etc. 3. Rim Nuts of Various types such as LN -10, etc. 4. Valve Caps of different types such as Key type, Dome type, Hex type Short, Hex type Long etc. 5. Various types of Plungers for English Pattern Bicycle Tube Valves.[...]


[China]Offer Ford shock absorber

OPP is a professional manufacturer of shock absorber in China. We produce large variety of shock absorbers for European, American, Japanese and Korea cars, such as AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES-BENZ, PEUGEOT, FIAT, FORD, LINCOLN, TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, KIA, etc. The products are mainly exported to countries in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., and have gained great popularity for the high quality and competitive price. We also develop new products according to our customers specifications.[...]


[China]Sell metal pallet

A kind of steel parts used in transportation fiels loading th goods.We can make the gooda according to your type and request.[...]


[China]PP hollow sheet

PP hollow sheets are the polypropylene hollow sheets. Some people also callthem flute sheets or TwinWall Polypropylene Sheet. They are also widely used in packing and advertisement field. As the packing boxes,they can be reused and they are also waterproof,so they are very popular. They are also used as padding sheets. Size: 1.22m*2.44m and other sizes Color: red,yellow,blue,green,black,orange,white Applications: 1.Used as recycle case; 2.Used as isolating plate baffle plate; 3.Used as[...]


[Belgium]Coolant pumps and oil pumps for trucks

Global Parts Suppliers offers OEM quality coolant pumps for commercial vehicles, trucks and some industrial engines. Although these products have a very high quality standard because they are directly coming from the OEM maker, we are able to offer them at a very economical price. Coolant pumps for trucks and industrial engines: Iveco, Mercedes, Perkins, Renault (RVI), Scania, Volvo, MAN, DAF, Daewoo (Doosan), Hyundai, Hino, Isuzu, Nissan Diesel, Mitsubishi-Fuso. Oil pumps for trucks and[...]


[India]Friction Dust for Brake Linings, Disc Pads, Clutch facings, Rail block

Friction Dust is made from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid used in metallic, semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic (NAO) and asbestos formulations for Brake Pad/ Linings, Clutch Facings and Disc Pads.[...]


[China]pillow tank

The pillow tanks are made by PVC or TPU coated fabric material, it can be used to store and transport the water or fuel and chemical liquid. It is a collapsible tank and can be folded when it is in empty. We can provide the LL,ML and HL type of pillow tanks. The LL is for non potable water,rain water and grey water. The ML iis for potable water. The HL is for fuel or oil. The capacity will be in 500L to 100000L.[...]


[China]onion tank

Top open tank or onion tank for storage water. Material of PVC or TPU coated fabric,have a strong tensile and abrasion. The capacity can be provided from 1000L to 30000L.[...]


[China]fuel tank

It can be stored or transport the diesel oil,gasoline,lubricating oil,transformer oil and etc. It made by TPU coated fabric and has strong tensile and abrasion. The capacity can be provided from 500L to 200,000L.[...]


[China]500W/1500W/2000W electric motorycle /electric scooter/electric bike

Model:EM09 (1500W) Packing size(mm):1750*560*1050 Wheelbase:1200mm Drive:Rear wheel drive Tyre spec.:3.00-10 Weight(included battery):≤60kg Loading capacity:≤100kg Speed:≤60km/h Mileages:60-80km Battery major specification: Battery type:Plumbum acid Rated voltage:60V Volume:20AHbr Motor major specification: Motor:Non-brush DC motor Rated output power:1500W Rated voltage:60V Rated rotation speed:530r/min Controller and charger major specification: Voltage-due protective[...]