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Carlson Capital Partners

Business type: Services
Business type: Importer, Exporter, Local market
Number of employees: Brak danych
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Business services

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Carlson Capital Partners is one of the leading investment banking firms based in Warsaw. Carlson Capital Partners focuses on mid-sized companies across a range of business sectors including, aviation, pharma, food & drinks, leisure, financial services, technology, health, engineering, media, fmcg, services. Carlson Capital also advises larger companies on their mid-sized mergers and acquisitions transactions. We specialise in:

* Mergers & Acquisitions advisory,
* Private Placements,
* Initial Public Offerings,
* Fundraising for private companies from Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds and
* Arranging finance for domestic and foreign trade.

We provide services in the broadly understood area of financial advisory services. Our range of services also includes:

* Organising finance for large commercial and infrastructure projects, i.e. Project Finance,
* Financial restructuring of companies,
* Debt Origination,
* Private bond placements,
* Due Diligence (financial, tax and legal),
* Valuation Services.

We also trade with A class bonds as well as nonperforming international banking and distressed sovereign debt.

Aggregated value of the transactions currently carried out by Carlson Capital Partners around the world exceeded $1.2 billion!

Carlson Capital Partners Ltd. shareholders are:

* Carlson Private Equity Ltd. (London UK),
* Odrano Investments Ltd. (Bristol UK) and
* Genpol Ltd. (Elsham Brigg UK).

Carlson Capital Partners co-operates with international Private Equity and Venture Capital funds as well as the largest banks operating in European Union, Asia and USA, and investment and commercial banks.

Our experts above all possesses many years of international experience as well as excellent understanding of the Central European and the Polish market.

Carlson Capital Partners guarantees its Customers access to the highest quality services by more than 20 experts located in Warsaw, London, Vienna, Zurich and Washington DC.

Address data

Street:Wiśniowa 40 B
Postal code:02-520
Phone: +48 22 542 40 64
Fax: +48 22 542 40 65


Contact person

Name and Surname: Artur Jędrzejewski
Phone: +48 22 542 40 64
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