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Country: Finland

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[Finland]Outdoor Spa

Sunbelt Spas are designed for outdoor use all year round. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our user friendly, reliable and affordable Spas are also guaranteed to withstand the changing weather conditions. The therapeutic properties of hot water have known for centuries. All our Hydro-Massage Spas are designed ergonomically for You to be in the most comfortable position while the stimulating water does its work. Our company’s efficient operations and direct delivery[...]


[Finland]C-light led luminaire for portable phone chargers

C-light is a world wide product innovation made by Cam Company Ltd Oy in Finland. C-light uses usual 3,7-15VDC telephone chargers to light 2 or 4 led bulbs in the lamp. Nowadays most telephone batteries need charging only 2-3 hours a week, so the rest of time they can be used to power C-light. Cam Company has invented, planned and produced C-light to take in use ”the lazy charging capacity”. The two led bulbs in C-light last in use several years 24 hours a day. Led bulbs are very energy efficient[...]