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Category: Electronics, electrical engineering

Country: China

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[China]Supply Stage smoke machine

Power:AC110V/220-250V.50/60hz Voltage:1500W Warm-uptime:8mins Tank Capacity:5L Remote Control/Manual Control(DMX512) PackingSize:57*36.5*30 Gross Weight:12KG DJ lighting,smoke machine,fog machine,Stage lighting[...]


[China]Sell stage snow machine,snowflake machine,confetti machine

Voltage:AC110V/220-250V,50/60hz Power:1200W Tank Capacity:5L Remote Control/Manual Control PackingSize:61*36.5*36.5 Gross Weight:10KG Stage lighting,Snow machone,Disco lighting[...]


[China]Sell bubble machine for stage lighting

Voltage:AC110V/220-250V,50/60hz Power:200W Tank Capacity:2.5L Remote Control/Manual Control Packing Size:62*47.5*54 Gross Weight:22KG Stage lighting,snow machine,bubble machine,fog machine[...]


[China]Sell Green Laser,RGB laser,animation laser

Laser power:Green laser(532nm)500mw Controller:High capacity and speed Micro-controller/DMX512/PC Scanner:High speed Scanner Module, scan angle±20°;input signal±5V,linearity distortion﹤2%。 Effect:Green laser Beam show and Animation Show Signal:International Standard DMX512/ILDA standard connector Play modes: Sound activation/DMX512(11 Channels)/PC control Power:110/220V 50/60Hz Dimensions:400mm×300mm×128mm Weight:7kg Green laser,animation laser,stage lighting,smoke machine[...]


[China]Sell DMX controller for stage lighting

15 Group at the main line(playback)to control the 450 scenes(memories)steps or running lights(chases) 2048 circuit control 120 computers can simultaneously control lights or 240 Lu-optical circuit (Group 4 independent DMX 512 outputs) 2 PV sensory function only turn-knob 60 Road P&G quality durable Tuizi a group of 30 independent Canadian Lu (add) and separate (SWOP) button MIDI control of audio signals and control lighting flashing effect Built-in interface card that plugs(121,000 purchase[...]


[China]Thermoelectric Recirculating Liquid Chiller-XSB150

The XSB150 is a 150-Watt, global ( 110-230 VAC , 50/60 Hz ) free standing, low cost thermoelectric liquid chiller system that can be used in many applications, including those in the Laser and Medical fields and Laboratory environments. These solid-state chillers are designed to use water or a coolant solution. The XSB150 chiller can also be supplied with an optional heating capability of 120 Watts. This optional provides the ability to maintain set point temperatures above ambient conditions and[...]


[China]Sell confetti machine for stage effects

Model:CM-1000 Voltage:AC230V-50HZ Power:1000W Packing Size:30*26*66 Gross Weight:7.5KG Smoke machine,stage lighting,Confetti machine,rainbow machine,laser lighting[...]


[China]TE Cooling Module

We offer you high quality thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling moduls. Due to their small size, high reliability, low power requirements and wide range of operating temperature, thermoelectric coolers are being used in many areas. Applications can be found in military and aerospace products, scientific and medical instruments and equipment as well as a whole variety of commercial products. All our Peltier modules are RoHS compliant.[...]



Specifications of Buzzer: Model: SHS-1201E; Dimension(mm): D12.0xH5.4; Rated Voltage(VDC): 1.5; Current Consumption(mA): MAX.35; Direct Current Resistance(Ohm): 16+/-15%; Resonant Frequency(Hz): 2048; Sound Pressure Level(10cm/dB): MIN.70; Operating Temperature(Centigrade): -20~+60; Storage Temperature(Centigrade): -30~+70; Weight(g): 2.0; Terminal: Two Pin Lead Type. We, the SHENZHEN PENGFEI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. CHINA, can offer you various kinds of Electro-acoustic Components, such[...]


[China]SMD buzzer

Specifications of SMD Buzzer: Model: SHQ-0904A; Dimension(mm): D10.6xH3.5; Rated Voltage(VDC): 3.6; Current Consumption(mA): Max.100; Direct Current Resistance(Ohm): 15+/-15%; Resonant Frequency(Hz): 2730; Sound Pressure Level(10cm/dB): Min.88(Typical92); Operating Temperature(Centigrade): -30~+70; Storage Temperature(Centigrade): -40~+80; Weight(g): 0.6; We, the SHENZHEN PENGFEI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. CHINA, can offer you various kinds of Electro-acoustic Components, such as: Microphones[...]