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[United States]Alia Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter ADP9000

ADP9000 series is a digital differential pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications.The ADP9000 offer of Configurations for Differential, gas, absolute Vacuum liquid-Level measurements including integrated solutions for pressure, level and flow. FEATURES Updating time of output current in 200 ms Improved performance, increased accuracy, greater stability Two Years stability of 0.2% 0.075% accuracy Parameter setting by local keypad or RS485 communication[...]


[United States]Plastic Router Bits

Feel The Difference -- It is Plastice !!! Fast Cutting. It will help you to make nice edge on granite. It is very easy to use, and fast. So you can save money and time. We have Patent for this product. And Lot of customer in USA like this. So we can guarantee about quality. Try it Today !!!![...]


[United States]AC drives

The ACS 550 is an adjustable frequency AC drive that achieves the ultimate in flexible motor control performance. Offering three modes of motor control: V/Hz, Sensorless Vector and Flux Vector, the ACS550 performs accurate' speed and torque control of any standard squirrel cage motor. With drives ranging from 0.75 to 550 HP (0.55 to 355 kW), the ACS550 series features an 'intuitively obvious' multilingual, full graphic display panel that also provides an assistant to aid users in start-up.[...]


[United States]AC drives

The ACS 800 is an adjustable frequency AC drive that achieves the ultimate in AC motor control performance. The second in a generation of AC drives to utilize Direct Torque Control (DTCTM), the ACS 800 performs accurate speed and torque control of any standard squirrel cage motor - without encoder or tachometer feedback. With drives ranging from 1.5 to 600 HP (1.1 to 500 kW), the ACS 800 series features a multi-lingual, alphanumeric control panel that also provides an intelligent start-up[...]


[United States]Siemens DC Master Variable Speed DC Drive

Series 6RA70 SIMOREG DC MASTER base drive converters are complete drive assemblies ready to be installed and operated. They include a 3-phase armature converter, single-phase field converter, main contactor, protective semiconductor fuses, control power transformer, and power / control terminals. Base drive converters are fully digital, compact units which supply the armature and field of variable speed DC drives with rated armature currents from 15A to 1660A. The motor field circuit can be supplied[...]


[United States]Alia Magnetic Flowmeters,Flange Type.AMF900 Series

ALIAMAG AMF900 Series is a flange type Electromagnetic Flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 6 to 2000mm. The AMF900 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage Pulp & Paper and many other applications. AMF900 Series magmeter could be used in compact or separate model with AMC Series converter of electromagnetic flowmeter FEATURES Various liner can be selected that satisfies most industrial applications. Flow Velocity range:0-12 m/s, with[...]


[United States]Lighting Design

After careful study and consideration of every commercial facility we design, our lighting designers choose the appropriate light sources with the appropriate color rendering and output for the appropriate effect we so choose the best for our projects. Our library is equipped with the latest lighting products from dozens of lighting manufacturers worldwide.[...]


[United States]Alia Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Converter) AMC2100 Series

ALIAMAG AMC2100 series Converter can be used with AMF series flow tubes in both compact or separate versions. FEATURES Three line LCD display for Flow rate/Totalizer Accuracy of +/-0.4% of reading Bi-directional flow measurement, current and pulse output 4-20mA auxiliary Input include 4 digit display 99 of times Datalogger function for power on/off MODBUS/HART communication SPECIFICATION Display: 3 lines LCD with illumination Line 1: 8 digit totalizer for forward flow[...]


[United States]APT8000-Alia Smart Pressure Transmitter

APT8000 series is a digital Pressure Transmitter designed for industrial Pressure measurement applications. The APT8000 offer Configurations for gauge Pressure, absolute Pressure and vacuum including integrated solutions for industrial applications. FEATURES Updating time of output current in 90 ms Improved performance, increased accuracy, greater stability Two Years stability of 0.15% 0.075% accuracy Parameter setting by local keypad or RS485 communication port 4-20 mA output plus[...]


[United States]Alia Variable Area Flowmeter (Metal Tube Flowmeter),AVF250 Series

ALIAVA AVF250 Series is a common used various flowmeter in Auto-industry process control. It's with small volume, wide range and easily operation. It could also measure liquid, gas and steam flowrate, especially fit for small flowrate application. FEATURES 4 digit flowrate & 8 digit totalizer Local indication without auxiliary power 4-20 mA & Scale pulse output Low pressure lost on gas and steam application Damper for Gas/Steam application Consistent overall length Heating jacket[...]