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[Canada]FGM Optical Fiber Geometry Analyzer(Upgraded For Speciality Fiber)

Model NO: FGM-RS-5 <a href=" ">FGM Optical Fiber Geometry Analyzer </a> is a new product after OFM Optical Fiber Multiparameter Testing System developed by Rayscience .It can be used to replace the expensive imported machine. The equipment is based on grey calibrate technique of EIA/TIA FOTP176.It is a high-precision intelligent instrument consisting of advanced optical system ,CCD camera, computer and so on . Perfect software has been[...]


[Canada]Phase Modulator

Mode|:PMS15 1550nm Phase Modulator(Straight waveguide) Model: PMS13 1310nm Phase Modulator(Straight waveguide) <a href="">Phase Modulator</a> Schematic: LiNbO3 phase modulator, made with the proton exchange or Tiindiffusion method. lt features low insertion loss, low drive voltage, low back reflection, wide wavelength range, and high efficiency. It is ideal for optical chirp control in high speed fiber communication systems, high-speed[...]


[Canada]Quadrupolar Fiber Coil Winding Station/ACWS-230D Automated Coil Windin

Introductions of <a href="">Quadrupolar Fiber Coil Winding Station</a>: A comprehensive fully automatic winding station is required to precisely wind optical fiber to manufacture IFOG coils for tactical & strategic grades .In order to improve this working yield, ACWS-230D is developed which winding machine and unwinding machine is separate. The machine is for making coil outer diameter ≤200mm and fiber coating diameter ≤0.5mm,[...]


[Canada]Octupole Fiber Coil Winding Station/Automatic Fiber Coil Octupole Wind

Model No:ACWS-200B <a href=" "> ACWS-200B fiber coil winding station </a> is a newly-released machine which can wind the fiber coil for FOGs in the method of CW straight or any other ways like Octupole winding,Dipole Winding and etc. Its fiber coil outer diameter is ≤200mm, and its fiber coating diameter is ≤0.5mm, total fiber winding length is ≤3KM Features of Octupole Fiber Coil Winding Station: 1.Manual operation should be[...]


[Canada]Integrated Optic Chip for Gyroscope (Y waveguide modulators)

Model: IOC-15-09-80-N 1550nm integrated optical chips (Y waveguide) with 80l165um PM fiber,1m fiber length,without connector input: 125l250um PM fiber, output Model: IOC-13-09-09-N 1310nm integrated optical chips (Y waveguide) inputloutput:125l250um PM fiber,1m fiber length,without connector Model: IOC-13-09-80-N 1310nm integrated optical chips ( Ywaveguide) input: 125l250um PM fiber, output with 80l165um PM fiber,1m fiber length,without connector Model: IOC-15-09-09-N 1550nm integrated[...]


[Canada]Callisto RFID Disc Tags

CAL208 Specs: · Material: PVC, Nylon, ABS · Frequency: 125kHz / 13.56Mhz · Diameter: 13 x 18 x 0.2mm 20/25 x 0.2mm 30 x 0.2mm 35 x 0.2mm · Thickness: 0.60 ~ 1.2 mm x 0.2mm · Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +60 Deg C · Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +60 Deg. C · Weatherproof · Chip Technology: H4100, H4102, T5557, Mifare, Ultralight, TI, P4150[...]


[Canada]Callisto Bluetooth Handheld Reader

CAL145 operates via a standard Bluetooth interface. The host computer can either be a Pocket or Desktop PC. The Bluetooth interface enables the operator to gather transponder data and communicate at a distance of up to 10m from the host computer. LEDs and a power/read switch are incorporated into the design. CAL145 provides the ability to read and write at 134kHz low frequency transponders or alternatively ISO15693 13.56MHz high frequency transponders. The reader is also available for use in Intrinsically[...]


[Canada]Callisto Dual Technology Reader

CAL151 is a new, dual technology handheld scanner that combines RFID and barcode functionality in a single, lightweight unit. Bluetooth is used to wirelessly transmit data to the host making the Scanner compatible with a wide range of handheld devices and PCs. A choice of two barcode engines (Symbol SE-955 or SE-4400 engines) can decode all common 1D and 2D barcodes. The RFID is compatible with ISO15693 compliant transponders. The Scanner includes buzzer, vibrator and LED indication.[...]