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[United States]Wine Rx

This natural red wine extract has all the antioxidants present in red wine. Not only resveratrol, but also other polyphenols, stilbenes and oligomeric proanthocyanidines (OPC's) that have demonstrated to be effective preventing cell damage and promoting cardiovascular health, raising good cholesterol that cleans blood vessels, and protecting skin elasticity from environmental toxins and the sun. The regular use of this natural supplement will prevent oxidation of cells related to the aging process[...]


[United States]Hi-Profit-Pour

Hi-Profit-Pour is not packaged for retail it is meant to be sold directly to end users in the liquor wine serving industries average sale $133.00. Over 8 Million of this type of pour have been sold to bars and wineries world wide. Eight Colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Clear, Amber, Red, Purple, Amber and Yellow. Sizes: 10 standard ounce sizes, 12 Metric sizes and Canadian Imperial Oz! Available in four configurations: standard pour, with lock-on collar, with flip-top seal, with lock-on[...]


[United States]Water Vending Machines

Drinking water vending machine : Model N2L9450A Production capacity: 9450 Liters per day or 2500GPD Dimensions: 48.8"(W)x28.1"(D)x78"(H) Power consumption: 650 watt/Hr Export price: Inquire Exterior Features Material & Color: White-Fiberglass. Custom signage on lighted marquee. Staked cabinet door hinge. Stainless steel folding gallon shelf. Stainless steel bottom plates inside vend compartment. Sizes of bottles, capable for filling in vend compartment:[...]


[United States]Live Maine & North Atlantic Lobster

Our lobsters are caught fresh daily and shipped throughout the US and portions of the world. The following are the grades of lobster that we currently stock. To order choose your grades and call or write for prices. We may not be able to ship to some locations. Our Inventory Grade Pounds Grams CX 1.00 to 1.15 453 Quarters 1.16 to 1.28 526 to 580 Live Lobster LG Quarters 1.29 to[...]


[United States]Sugar

We can provide Brazilian origin Sugar ICUMSA 45 - We can deliver very confidently as we have a significant allocation - Generally we look at volumes 500,000 M/T (over an 18 month period) up to several million M/T - We require payment commitment and in return we will be able to give tremendous confidence in the Buyer - The most popular payment procedure welcomed by Buyers is the payment option where the Buyer pays after the delivery of the sugar - We are able to ship the product for the 12 or 18 month[...]


[United States]Organic (Bio) Sugar

Our sugar is grown and processed in Paraguay, South America. It was the first organically grown sugar on the market and we have over 14 years experience growing and shipping organic sugar cane. We are NOP and EEU, and JAS organic certifed by Control Union (SKAL) . Also Fair Trade Certified. We produce golden, brown, and light golden organic sugar in either one ton totes or in 25kg bags. We also produce Organic Blackstrap Molasses, Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol, and Organic Rum. Please contact us for quote.[...]


[United States]Organic (Bio) sugar cane molasses

Organic Blackstrap Molasses is made near the end of the milling process during the third boiling of the sugar syrup. The concentrated byproduct left over after the sugar's sucrose has been crystallized is Blackstrap Molasses, a nutritious and full-flavored molasses rich in nutrients like iron, potassium and calcium. The blackstrap molasses undergoes a pollutant-free and chemical-free organic process resulting in a rich and flavorful product ready even for direct consumption . Organic Blackstrap[...]


[United States]Organic (Bio) Ethanol Alcohol made from Sugar Cane

Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol is used to create extracts and concentrated natural essences. For example, Vanilla extract is made by percolating alcohol and water through chopped, cured vanilla beans. Extracts made with our organic sugar cane alcohol make the extract age like the finest of liquors. With the number of organic extracts, herbal essences, and cosmetic components cured and cut with alcohol growing, our organic sugar cane alcohol is the perfect compliment. Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol[...]


[United States]Sugar ICUMSA 45

Brazilian sugar ICUMSA 45, also ICUMSA 100 to 150[...]


[United States]Brazilian sugar ICUMSA 45

Brazilian sugar ICUMSA 45, also Brazilian sugar ICUMSA 100 to 150[...]