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Country: India

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[India]Piston rings

The piston ring is made from pig iron which is known as high quality cast iron with composition of carbon, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Piston rings are compressor ring, control (scraper) ring and oil rings.[...]


[India]Bearings / Bushes

Bearings and bushes are normally made of strips having Bi-metal (steel backed copper / lead) of low carbon steel and single metal with thin outer coating. These are used to minimize the friction between two moving parts.[...]



The pistons are made of aluminum alloy through casting process. The ability of the cast material is to have high strength, strength for high hot resistance for surface abrasion, better thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. The piston consists of bare compressor ring groove or insert of spheroidal-graphite (SG) alphin for long lasting.[...]


[India]Bicycle Tube Valves

English Pattern & American Pattern Bicycle Tube Valves. 1) English Pattern Clamp in-Type Bicycle Tube Valves. Size : 28 MM, 30 MM, 32 & 38 MM. 2) English Pattern Rubber Base Bicycle Tube Valves. Rubber Base : Natural or Butyl. Base Dia. 25 MM & 30 MM. 3) Semi American Type Rubber Base Bicycle Tube Valves ( V1.06.1). Rubber Base : Natural or Butyl. Base Dia. 25 MM & 30 MM. 4) American Type Rubber Base Bicycle Tube Valves. (TR - 1) Rubber Base : Natural or Butyl. Base Dia. 25[...]


[India]Tubeless Tyre Valves

Tubeless Tyre Valves for Moped, Motorcycle, Car, Tractor, Truck, OTR Vehicles, etc. 1. TR - 416 Clamp in-type Tubeless Tyre Valves duly buffed and Chrome Plated. 2. TR - 501 Clamp in-type Tubeless Tyre Valves in Brass Finish. 3. V3.20.1 Series Tubeless Truck Tyre Valves. 4. TR - 570 Series Tubeless Truck Tyre Valves. 5. TR 542 Series Tubeless Truck Tyre Valves. 6. TR - 618 Tubeless Tractor Tyre Valves. 7. 131+7 Tubeless Moped Tyre Valves in different length. 8. TR – 430 Tubeless Tyre[...]


[India]Tube - Tubeless Tyre Valve Accessories

Accessories for Tyre - Tube Valves. 1. Valve Core Housing TR CH -3 for TR -218 / TR - 618. Valve Core Housing for Large Bore Core Chamber. 2. Hexagonal Nuts of Various types such as BN-I / BN-II / BN-III, etc. 3. Rim Nuts of Various types such as LN -10, etc. 4. Valve Caps of different types such as Key type, Dome type, Hex type Short, Hex type Long etc. 5. Various types of Plungers for English Pattern Bicycle Tube Valves.[...]


[India]Friction Dust for Brake Linings, Disc Pads, Clutch facings, Rail block

Friction Dust is made from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid used in metallic, semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic (NAO) and asbestos formulations for Brake Pad/ Linings, Clutch Facings and Disc Pads.[...]


[India]Sell Mooring Equipments ( ropes, ladders,chains,shackles,anchors,grapn

We supply new/ second hand( reconditioned)all kind of mooring equipments like ropes, ladders, anchors, anchor chains, shackles, towing rope,grapnel, swivels, bottle screw, bulldog grips, wore ropes,slings, connectors, lugles studs,Finders, etc We supply complete ship store equipments required for Mooring. Both New and Reconditioned(used) is available.[...]


[India]cylinder liner

We are the India based an ISO 9001-2000 company, manufacturer and exporter of CYLINDER LINER (Wet Liner) & SLEEVE (Dry Liner) of all type of Engine,Compressor, Generator, Earth Mover,Tractor,Cars,Trucks etc. and as per customers required specification, drawing or sample. Our manufacturing unit is established on 5000 Sq.Mtrs. Land, having built up of 30000 Sq. Fts. which containing an advanced foundry , owing induction melting process, centrifugal casting process etc. facilities, a machine[...]


[India]Armatures, Commutators, Drive Assembly, Dc Commutator

Autodilektra is making a wide range of 200 popular part numbers, manufactured in a plant that is undergoing automation of various such processes such as winding, hot stacking, trickle impregnation etc for Gear Reduction, Pre engaged and heavy duty starters.[...]